GREEN Make Up Look

Green eyeshadow and red blush on dark skin? Either you will look clownish or unique. 

I created this look quite a while back but never got around to writing a post about it. I absolutely love green shadow. It’s so fun and vibrant and i think it looks great on dark skin. Although, you have to use the green shade quite sparingly in order to keep it presentable and not like a 60 year old granny having a crisis 😂. 

The products that I used for this look: 

  1. Essence Cosmetics Brow kit. 
  2. Beauty Treats Cosmetics Rose eyeshadow Palette. 
  3. Some random red lipstick that I got from a magazine 😂 (do not judge me).
  4. Beauty Treats Cosmetics Lip palette. 
  5. Vaseline. 
  6. EcoTools makeup brushes. 
  7. Essence Cosmetics Mascara. 
  8. Smudge liquid and pencil eyeliner.

    First things first, eyebrows. I never leave the house without them because I really do not have any and that stuff is important, yo! 😞 

    Any ways, I used the Essence Cosmetics Brow kit to shape up my brows. It came with some stencils and so made my life a bit easier. The stencils can be tricky to use. They don’t come in the shape of your natural brows and so you have to shift them about suit you. Even though my hair is black I like the look of brown brows. It is softer than black. The brow kit from Essence is really quite average. It gets the job done but it could use a bit more pigmentation and could be less powdery.

    Now to the eyes. I normally start by applying some compact powder, in the colour Mahogany (from Essence Cosmetics), all over my eyelids; just to start off with a bit of base to support the shadow. Start with applying the darkest shade of green to your eyes and then work your way out with lighter shades of green layered on top of each other to get some dimension. Line your eyes with some liquid eyeliner but line the bottom of your eyes with pencil eyeliner and give it a bit of a smudge. Mascara is important for this look because your eyes are already bold and you cannot have weak looking lashes because your whole look will look weak. 😭 So add that mascara and get your lashes popping. 

    (Apply your foundation)

    For the blush I used a red shade of lipstick. I really do not utilise blush much or at all so I do not see the need in spending money on it if it will just sit there. I use lipstick for blush when I’m feeling extra. Just apply a bit of lipstick on your beauty blender and dab it along your cheeks very lightly, just above your cheek bones.

    Time for some lippies! I used some lip cream from Beauty Treats Cosmetics; a light pink sort of colour. However, the lippies in this palette are rather stick and not smooth so I find myself using some good old-fashioned Vaseline to smoothen my lips and make them more glossy. 

    Pop on your wig (or whatever makes you happy), get on a nice, complimentary outfit and you’re set. 

    ❤ Thank you for reading this. Have a lovely day, week and month.


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