Wig life πŸ’‡

The topic of wigs is quite fascinating, actually. There are cultural perspectives, historical arguments and so on. Many think it is odd to walk around with someone else’s hair on your head and to do it with confidence, flipping it around, feeling satisfied with yourself (and it’s okay for people to think that too even though not all Wigs are made from human hair πŸ™ˆ). Others find it a convenient way to hide those bad hair days or to give your natural hair a break from all the tugging, touching pulling and heat or, perhaps, they wear the wigs just because they can and no one should have a say as to how they should wear their hair. πŸ’‡

However, owning a wig or two means a bit of work and love. You have to care for that wig in order to make it last just a bit longer. 

It is important to moisturise your wig every once in a while before combing it out to avoid it getting damaged whilst you’re tugging away at some of the knots. I like using the Easy Waves Oil Sheen Comb Out Conditioner Hairspray for this. It is very light and will not drown your wig in oils and such making it stiff. You do not want to use thick or heavy moisturiser.

(Google is the answer to everything but I had figured this out eventually)

When brushing your wig make sure to start from the bottom and then work your way up. This ensures the comb or brush runs more smoothly through the wig and prevents more damage. After washing your wig, let it air dry first and then go ahead and apply heat to it to make it more full or sleek or curly. Blowing out your wig can add more volume.

Your natural hair is versatile but sometimes it needs a break and luckily, wigs are versatile too.

Just ask Big Sean. I highly recommend his wig collection 😝. 

I like using bobby pins and pinning the front hair of my wig back because I’m not a huge fan of hiding my face with hair. You can braid some parts of your wig or even twist some parts and pin them back, up, down, however you like.

Don’t be afraid to purchase a wig with a bit more dimension to it; one that isn’t just one solid colour. 

The wig in my pictures was purchased from”Hair City”. Did I mention “Hair City” is having a 50% off sale? Head over to their site and treat yourself. 

Signing out xx 


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