L.A. Girl Pro.BB Cream Review 

Recently, I have been getting an allergic reaction from my current foundation. During the day it begins to irritate my eyes and causes them to water. This irritation prompted me to look into using BB Cream instead. I figured it would be gentler on my eyes and I was right; I haven’t experienced a burning sensation in my eyes yet.

The LA Girl Pro BBM Cream primes and moisturises your face which takes away the burden of buying face primer. However, as a foundation, it really doesn’t have that much coverage. It tells you to only apply a “dime sized amount” but I find myself applying way more than that to help cover up my blemishes and even out my skin tone. The cream is very lightly tinted and so my dark spots are still visible. I might have to try out purchasing the darkest shade, perhaps. 

I would recommend using some compact powder in conjunction with the BB Cream. After applying the BB cream just go over your face with compact powder to achieve more coverage and hide the things you want hidden (you can also just use some concealer). 

All-in-all the cream is very light in consistency and gentle on my skin. It works well as a moisturiser but not that well as a foundation. I think I will still use BB creams but I will be buying a lot more compact powder too. 

What do you think of this product?

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