Essence Cosmetics: Soft Touch, Mousse Makeup 

So…In my previous post I wrote about how I’m switching to BB cream. I’ve changed my mind. I have attempted to use this BB cream for over a week and I have tried to give it the benefit of the doubt but it really just was not working for me, personally. But enough about that BB cream and let’s talk about my new favourite item: Essence Cosmetics, Soft Touch Mousse Makeup. 😍😁

All my life (exaggeration) I have been avoiding this Mousse Makeup because I did not like it’s texture or the way it looked in general. It reminded me of that poo emoji 💩. However, seeing as I am trying to find a substitute for liquid foundation, I decided to give it a try. 

Remember the first time you tried sushi when you were ten and you hated it but then you tried it again at age eighteen and you just cannot get enough? This is how I am feeling about this product! It is smooth and easy to apply and blend. I simply use my fingers to apply it on my face and it has great coverage! I hardly used any product when using it for my first time and my skin is literally glowing and looking like silk. 

It definitely leaves your skin with a nice velvety, matte finish. My skin does not look oily hours later and my blemishes are well hidden. It is also not heavy on the face. I even forget that I have something on my face. 

The shade, luckily, matches my skin tone perfectly. Mine is in the colour Mahogany, so shout out to Essence for that 🙆. This is definitely better than the BB cream from my last review and it is also more affordable. I bought mine for about R80.00 at my nearest Clicks Pharmacy.

Get you some x 


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