My stationery line: Study By Design

This is a special blogpost because I will be dishing on my new stationery line, Study By Design. I am more of a creative person than anything and it gets tough just sitting around suppressing my ideas and not being able to get them out. 

I have always known that in my life I just want to own something and be the boss of something, anything that can get my creative juices flowing and this is one of my babies that was inspired by blogger and vlogger: I have been following her journey for over a year now and she has been one of the biggest influencers to me. 


I decided to start off my line with some cute A5 notebooks. I wanted them to be A5 to make it easier to carry them around wherever you go and also because these are my first batches and I want to start off small to test out the reception. 

The picture above shows the back cover of one of the notebooks. It comes in the colour silver and is A5 with a plastic comb binder and layered up with a plastic cover to protect it.

 There is a little motivational quote written at the bottom of the cover and it says “Doubt kills more dreams than failure will”. This phrase really resonated with me as I constantly doubt myself with these sort of projects but at the same time I would regret not giving it a try. 

I love the touch of the abstract flower in the middle as it fills up an empty space and makes the design more me, which is feminine.

The above photo shows the inside of this specific notebook. Only a few will come with lines paper and the others will be blank. 

I plan on adding some Burgundy coloured notebooks soon! 

If you want to see the front cover of the notebooks then go ahead and follow my Instagram page : @studybydesign to get a glimpse of the entire notebook.

 I designed everything myself, binded the books myself and funded everything by myself so I really hope I have done a good enough job and i am hoping most people will be receptive to them and help support! 


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